Zederik trout farm, smoked rainbow and salmon trout

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The trout is a freshwater fish and is found in the wild in streams and lakes in Norway, Austria, the Ardennes, Italy, etc. These wild trout are also known as brown trout or lake trout. There are numerous subspecies that often have only a very limited distribution range, such as the marble trout and the Bohinjski postrv.

our fish

We are very proud of the quality of our trout.

Origin: Because there are no farms in the Green Heart, we buy our trout in Limburg.

The process: The fish arrive at a weight of 200 grams at the Zederik trout farm in Meerkerk. There they are grown in basins and later released in the fishing pond in Meerkerk. The trouts receive regular feed: fish meal consisting of fish and palm oil and by-catches that have been caught at sea. The food does not contain antibiotics. The salmon trout stay in the breeding tank longer and are therefore more substantial in size. The color of the salmon is due to the food that contains astaxanthin. This substance comes from algae, shrimp, lobsters and crab.

The fish swim in the ponds for an average of 3 to 6 months, after which they are caught and slaughtered at an average weight of between 350 and 450 grams.




The trouts are brined 8 hours in advance with mussel herbs and sea salt (without iodine). Then they are smoked for about 2 hours on bare wood and beech wood. The fish is smoked in a wood-fired smoke barrel.


The rainbow trout is smoked as a whole. The salmon trout is first filleted and then smoked cold. The latter process takes much longer than hot smoking.

Weights, delivery times and nature

To start with the latter, a fish is a natural product and so every fish is different. Some fish - like humans - grow faster than others, some tend to put on more fat, others get longer, shorter, etc. When you order a fish, you sometimes get less than the stated weight and sometimes more.

Because we are a small company and want to give our product the attention that is needed for a quality product, we do not always have everything in stock. This is particularly the case with the salmon trout that we smoke an average of once a month due to the time it takes to smoke.

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