Cheese and dairy farm Kuiper

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We are Jan and Thera Kuiper. Our dairy farm is located in the vast Alblasserwaard. A beautiful area with a lot of history. An area where we have really grown. The region too, which gives us so much: delicious dairy products.

Cheese farm

In the past, all farmers in this region lived in the village. Me too. We almost lived close to the church. Each farmer had narrow plots behind his farm that were three kilometers long. It was quite a journey to get to the very back. In practice, that did not happen often, only mowing. Cows were hardly to be found, which meant that there was no fertilization. As a result, the country became sparse, and that area was called the heath. Our current cheese farm - which was built in 1975 - is located on that piece of land, on the Heideweg. Many farms are located along this road at the back of the polder, which were located in the village. We have a lot more space here, which has made us the company we are today: with a close-knit team consisting of three ladies and three gentlemen.

Cheese shop

At our cheese farm we also have a dairy shop. Here we not only sell farmhouse cheese, the store also serves as a taste panel. We think it is very important how, for example, a new cheese is popular and what the opinion of our customers is. Only in this way can we arrive at the farmer's cheese that is top notch.

We have 250 cows and 150 young stock and I know them all. If one of our cows starts milking later than usual, then I know something is wrong. Cows are creatures of habit. If they deviate from their calibrated pattern, then something is going on. I also always have a hard time when one has to leave. I find that extremely painful. Because our cows, that is really my group. We take care of them as best we can. Because what you give, you get back. Good care and good food ensure good milk. And so for an excellent basis for our cheese.

Cheese making

Cheese making actually consists of two aspects: the real process of cheese making and the work around it. Thera will take care of the first and I'm around for work. I know how cheese making works, but I couldn't. I gladly leave that to Thera, she has that perfect in her fingers. She has also developed our own unique recipe.

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