SLAVONSKI domaci Kulen 100 GRAM

Slavonian sausage specialty

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Slavonia, not to be confused with Slovenia is a region in the North-East of Croatia. The region is also known for its black storks and the world-famous Slavonian oak.

Kulen is a typical product of the traditional home smiling in Slavonia. It is a sausage which is made of ground pork, seasoned with hot red peppers. The pepper gives the Kulen also its distinctive color. Except peppers are salt, garlic and spices added to the gemaken meat. In authentic Kulen is no pepper. The spicy flavor is due entirely to the peppers.

The fat content is relatively low and the structure is loose, but compact.

Traditionally Kulen made in the fall, after the annual pig slaughter on the farm. The Kulen then ripens during the winter. The sausage can already be eaten in that time even though the flavor to has not yet fully developed. Through the fermentation process, and the drying up of the taste comes up to further development, and by the time it is summer, the kulen is best enjoyable.

Sometimes the process is accelerated by burying the ashes in Kulen. This leads to a firmer and driogere sausage because the shaft acts as a drying agent. Kulen can be stored outside the refrigerator and is under good conditions two years shelf life.

The special shape the sausage derives from the fact that is does not use a ordinary intestine, but that it worstenvel consists of 'pockets' that are made from pig intestines and which have a diameter of 10cm and a length of 30 cm. These sausages weigh more than about one kilo.

The sausages are smoked for months that uses specially selected wood. After that, the sausages are dried for a number of months. The whole process can take up to a year. Although this process will also be applied to other meats these sausages also fermented. Some Kulen grow a biologically layer of mold on the outside what further refines the taste.

A separate form of Kulen is kulenova seka (kulens sister). This uses a thinner intestine and therefore this Kulen requires less time to smoke and to mature.

Kulen in Croatia is seen as a premium product, which translates into a relatively high price.

Domaci means "home made", but you must interpret as, as you would do it yourself, so without "special" ingredients that we know as we try to decipher the labels of the food industrialists.

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