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Blokovens pig is a pig which bred in a friendly way and is held. The Brothers Uijtewaal in 2011 won an innovation prize for the development of stalls for the Block Eindhoven Line Pig. They are spacious stables for seeing straw and with a spout in the sand. Everything a pig wants.

Pork neck is perhaps one of the best parts of the pig. Give it time in the oven or on the barbecue (kamado). It's really not necessary to do anything crazy with it like intense spice, rub with 'glazes' bbq sauces etc. Limit the seasonings to salt and pepper, because this meat is - as it should - naturally delicious.

Pigs run in this park together in groups and only on straw. Additionally get his feed which also comes from the Green Heart. The keeping and breeding of pigs in this way has the effect that the animals can be provided in their natural needs. It also comes keeping and breeding this way for the good of the flesh.

The pigs that we, butchers Ferry Lempers process has a fuller flavor better structure a piece of meat with care and attention is bred and processed. And that you taste!

In September 2015 is partly why the green heart regional product certification also handed to us. A certificate indicating that the meat is bred in a friendly and fair manner.

In addition, it is meat that comes from these pigs also processed and sold in the "Green Heart".

You understand a reward for our work where we as a butcher and pig farmers have been working towards.

In spring 2015 we will join our forces and we have a wonderful product developed Dry sausage from the "green heart". A very tasty sausage prepared with care and attention.

Available only from our A (h) honest piece of pork ...... ..

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