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Turkish pine nuts

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Eating pine nuts can have nasty consequences. Perhaps this is not the most obvious start of a sales text, aimed at selling this product, but we want to save you from PNS, because then nothing will taste you anymore.

PNS or Pine Nut Syndrome is caused by pine nuts from a coniferous tree in China. If you are sensitive to this, you may suffer from this syndrome, after which everything you eat afterwards has a metallic taste, if you taste anything at all. It will pass, but that can take a few weeks.

Almost all pine nuts that you can buy in the Netherlands are unfortunately from China. This is often stated on the packaging, but not always. Fortunately, you can recognize them because they are smaller and have a dark point.

Our Turkish pine nuts come from Turkey. Sounds a bit bland, but unfortunately the reality is that many name products come from a certain country, but in practice come from somewhere else. The Korean pine does not occur in Turkey, so you do not have a chance of PNS with these seeds. Moreover, they are really much tastier than the Chinse and luckily a lot more expensive, but less expensive than the Italian. This is partly due to the fact that they come to us unpackaged and we weigh and vacuum them ourselves.

What is special about pine nuts is that they are not grown specifically, but 'just' come from the (pine forest) forest, in this case the forests between Muğla and Aydın, near the west coast of Turkey. They must be collected and then the seeds must be removed from the pine cones. Both the collection and the further treatment is very labor intensive and that translates into the price.

In fact, you could call the pine nuts organic, because they just come from a forest, but because they are not certified, that is strictly prohibited.

See also the broadcast of the Keuringsdienst van Waarde. That the Italian are not for sale in the Netherlands is not true ...

Nutritional value per 100 gr

energy: 673 kcal / 2816 kJ
fat: 68.37 gr
- of which saturated: 4.89 gr
carbohydrates: 13.08 gr
-of which sugar: 3.59 gr
Protein: 13.69 gr
Salt: 2 mg


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