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You can't eat cookbooks, though, some of our own cookbooks have spent so much time between ingredients and touched so many times during cooking that they're pretty much marinated. But within our range they are the odd one out.
Nevertheless, we make an exception for some books. These are the books that led to the "cooking boxes" and we can imagine that you will find it easy to give the book with the box or vice versa of course. Are we thereby pushing the bread out of the mouth of the local bookshop or that of the blue sphere?
Rest assured the answer is no and yes.

We warmly support the local bookstores and see with sorrow that they have been fighting an unequal battle for years. That is why we work in this area together with Libris bookshop De Boekenkist from Gorinchem. What you pay us for a book, we pay the bookstore and they also wrap it up nicely for you. An extra plus is that it saves a delivery ride.

About TLV

Jigal writes as he is: energetic, infectious and funny. I immediately imagined myself in Tel Aviv and read the book in one go. A really honest book that excels in simplicity in terms of recipe. ' - YVETTE FROM ABOVE

“Just as some photographers have“ la vista ”or“ the look ”(the mysterious ability to see things that escape mere mortals), so Jigal has“ the taste ”. He can cook great food with seemingly simple ingredients. ' - RONALD GIPHART

"Mouth watering!" - ROBERT KRANENBORG

'You can feel Tel Aviv on your skin.' - EYAL SHANI

'It all tastes great. Fresh, new, exciting. ' - NRC Handelsblad

"Ottolenghi with humor." - GENERAL DAILY SHEET

"Believe me, you want to eat EVERYTHING he describes." - DELICIOUS.

Heaven on earth! (…) An unparalleled culinary feast. (…) So indescribably delicious, better than I ate out for a long time. ' - FAITHFUL

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