Poulet jaune

Market-ready chicken about 2000 grams (including the head, legs and most of the intestines)

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Poulet Jaune

Yellow Label Rouge chicken has a subtly sweet flavor. The meat is by rain and the sheet is at the appropriate preparation nice crispy. Because the flesh as by rain, the chicken fried in its own fat.

Chicken head
We do not do ready-poultry because this is at the expense of the taste and shelf life. After the removal of the intestines are removed, but remain all other organs as well as the head and legs. This means that the flavor of the chicken is delicious traditional and the chicken actually no sauce or anything else needed.

We like it to cut the chicken into pieces (legs, wings, filets) and we gently heat the leftovers in the oven. The collected grease we use the chicken in the preparation, but it is also great for other products, from pork to vegetables, everything gets better from there. After smelting of the fat the remainder goes into a pan with water to draw a broth. The advantage of this method is that it contains relatively little fat broth.

Label Rouge is in the sixties of the last century as a reaction to the development of intensive poultry production in France. This production (unique in the world!) Respects both the animal welfare and the environment. But the Label Rouge products represent more than that: the unique production method, sophisticated feeding program, the selection of the animals and the strict controls give you the guarantee of an end product with superior quality. In addition, the Animal appreciates Label Rouge products with Better Life 3 stars.

Label Rouge poultry is characterized by five key principles:

1. Rustic breeds
The poultry consists of rustic varieties, which are selected by slow growth, fitness for a housing system with outdoor access and the quality of the meat.

2. Rearing with outdoor access
The husbandry systems have a (free) outdoor access, making the farmer range hens have access to large covered and shady pastures (at least 2 m2 per chicken).

3. Plant foods
The poultry is a 100% plant-based food least 75% cereals, supplemented by vegetable proteins such as peas or soya.

4. Long fattening period
A significantly longer finishing period (minimum 81 days), therefore the meat is firmer and tastier.

5. Food safety
The sanitary conditions are systematically monitored during all phases of the production process.

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