Cooking box Otolenghi Tien-plus - the 20 indispensable

The KookDoos bij het KookBoek (Ottolenghi: Plenty, Plenty More, Jerusalem, Simpel) identical to KookDoos # 1 but supplemented with 10 extra flavors

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Cooking box at Cookbook

A good cookbook inspires. One recipe is even better and more intriguing than the other and you want to get started right away. unfortunately there appears to be a mismatch between cookbook and kitchen cabinet. A shopping list is made in no time, but in the neighborhood supermarket the redeeming ticks on the shopping list remain.

To prevent your inspiration from evaporating like a drop on a glowing hob, we make it easy for you and have put together a number of packages that we hope to prevent that beautiful cookbook from an unemployed and unblemished future.

We started with Ottolenghi (from Plenty to Flavor) and Jigal Krant (TLV). If your kitchen cabinet already reasonably meets the requirements, you can also order everything separately, that goes without saying. TIP! Give the box as a gift, with the accompanying cookbook.

Ottolenghi Basis and more

This will make you even better prepared. It is the primary exotic ingredients that give the recipes that characteristic Ottolenghi touch. This collection is based on the books Plenty, Plenty More, Simple and Jerusalem.

The content is identical to that of KookBoos # 1, but supplemented with ten extra flavors so that you never miss out on the Levantine cuisine.

Can also be ordered separately

Of course we do not want to burden you with products that you already have at home, so you can also order everything separately.


Sumac, ground, 80 grams, jar

Za'atar-sesame mix, Lebanon,  80 grams, jar

Urfa chili flakes (Isot Biber), 80 grams, jar

Ground cardamom, 80 grams, glass jar

Pomegranate Molasses, Al Sham, 250 ml, bottle

Rose harissa, Thull's, 228 ml, glass jar

Tahini, Al Arz tahini, 453 grams

Barberry berries, 50 grams, jar

Black garlic, Ail Noir, 10 grams, box

Pickled lemon, Cartier, 720 grams, jar

Harissa. Le Fare du Bon Cap, 70 grams. tube

Rose water, Samra,  245 ml, bottle

Date syrup pure (Silan), Kinneret Farm. squeeze bottle, 400 grams

Coriander seeds, 80 grams, jar

Cumin seeds, powder, 80 grams, jar

Allspice bulbs, 80 grams, jar

Pimentón de la Vera (sweet), La Chinata, 70 grams, can

Sesame seeds, 60 gram jar

Baharat, 80 grams, jar

Orange blossom water, Samra, 245 ml, bottle


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