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Agricultural cooperative "Olive and wine" was stablished in 2006 with the goal of rural development of the area of Ravni Kotari. The headquarters of the cooperative is in Polaca. The aim of the cooperative is the production of top quality products through olive growing (table olives in different preparations and extra virgin olive oil) and viticulture (wine of top quality), and products made of fig. The cooperative will enable the purchase and production of olives and olive oils from other family farms, and marketing of these products under a common name, especially with the use of knowledge and techniques of top professionals.

Climatic conditions of the location are ideal for planting olive trees. Conditions are favourable for growing particular varieties of large and medium-large fruit, i.e. of olive-groves of olive oil and table olive oil varieties which are characterized by high resistance to low temperature.

Given the physical properties of the soil, a special treatment of land in order to achieve the environmental conditions favourable for planting olive trees is required. The ground of the olive-grove is essentially dolomite area rich on silicates. The ratio of the structure of the soil is:

  • 40 - 50 % sand
  • 10 - 20 % clay
  • 5 – 10 % skeletal

Realization of environmental conditions

The ecological conditions of soil for forming the olive-groves were achieved, first of all, by thorough cleaning of all the waste on the land. The soil was levelled to avoid adverse interference of smaller and larger skeletal soil, after which followed a deep tillage with special machinery. The digging of holes of 60-70 cm of depth for seedlings was done and due to the composition of the soil, transportation of new humus rich on protective features was necessary. The soil was well drained allowing the accumulation of more moisture in the winter, or eliminating the effects of drought during the summer. The irrigation of soil and seedlings was enabled occasionally from a nearby creek (seasonal), which runs along the entire length of the field. In addition to the creek, three reservoir basins with irrigation systems were built. 


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