Label Rouge

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Label Rouge

Those who opt for Label Rouge poultry, choose quality and corporate social responsibility.

Label Rouge mark stands (among others) for poultry meat and eggs of superior quality compared to the products from conventional intensive farming. Production takes place in small-scale poultry farms where poultry have access to a free-range. This production is unique in the world, respects so both the animal welfare and the environment.

The chain controls of foodstuffs, animal-friendly production methods and the care for the environment, all elements that especially the last couple of years have come to the fore, applicable in France since the 60s for the concept Label Rouge.

The production under Label Rouge is more than the above elements. This unique production method, sophisticated feeding program, the selection of production animals and systematic checks, consumers not only security, but also the guarantee for an exquisite culinary quality of the final product.

Label Rouge poultry.

(production, regulation, certification and control).

Label Rouge poultry represents a concept for production according to strict regulations with animal welfare and respect for the environment are high priority. These are, without exception, rearing free-range outdoor. The legislation establishing the criteria for the production under Label Rouge is laid endorsed by the French government in the Agricultural Quality Act (Art. L.641-1)

The poultry produced in France under the Label Rouge quality mark, the French term "Volailles fermières". In the framework of European legislation this term in Dutch translated as "free range chicken farmer." It may be you, while reading, become clear that the Label Rouge product, however, clearly distinguishes in many facets of the term "free-range" as it is used in the Netherlands. For the sake of clarity, it will in this document, the term "free-range" so only sporadically and are replaced by the words "Label Rouge poultry" or "Label Rouge poultry."

The production of poultry under the Label Rouge label was started in the 60s and at the time was a response to the demise of the (taste) quality of poultry from intensive poultry.

In the Label Rouge poultry production may be applied two farming systems broadly:

1) Production en plein air. It concerns a restricted free poultry (fenced) outdoor access available to him at an occupancy of 2 m 2 per animal.

2) Production and liberté. The Dutch standards is a little more difficult to imagine situations: Unlimited enclosure has no fence.

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