Slovenian Bohemian honey

Slovenian flower honey, 450 grams

Article number: FOODbazar Classics
Delivery time: 2-14 Days

Slovenian honey is in a class of its own. Because the bees do not get any supplementary food in the form of sugar water, this honey naturally contains a much lower percentage of water. The taste is therefore much more concentrated. Moreover, the forests and meadows yield excellent nectar that the Slovenian bees - the karst, Apis mellifera carnica - convert into superior honey.

The flower honey comes from Slovenian meadows and orchards. It has a yellow or brown color, depending on the flowers from which the nectar comes. Normally, this honey crystallises quickly, resulting in large crystals. Natural honey can be liquefied again by heating it to 40ºC.

Typical for the Slovenian hives is that all fronts have a different color so that the bees cannot be mistaken in their hives. The cabinets are often placed on a truck or trailer so that they can easily be moved.

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