Medjoul Dattensirup , Silan

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King Solomon is proud to present its new Silan.
Prized for its unique flavor, Silan, often called "Date Honey", is a pure and natural liquid sweetener and filling, pressed from naturally moist dates. It is the sweetener of choice in a number of traditional ethnic kitchens .It is also a perfect substitute for bee honey in any recipe. Silan is particularly popular with those who adhere to natural foods regimen.
King Solomon Silan is a pure and natural syrup, extracted from fresh Medjoul dates in a natural process.
Enjoy it poured over wafers, pancakes or French toast, drizzled over fruit, yoghurt, goat cheese or ice cream.
Mix it with Tahini fort a delicious spread, or use in marinade for poultry or meat. Also great as an alternative to sugar in baking and cooking.
Available as 100% Pure Silan or with addition of sugar, Silan is a favorite in the U.K , Switzerland, Austria and Germany.
King Solomon Date Silan comes in a wide variety of packages, ranging from consumer jar of  350g and Squeeze bottle of 500g, to 5 and 22 Kg buckets, for Catering and Industrial use.

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